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As I promised to you I will come with a blog post on each subtitle of my previous blog “how to write better content “,

I am starting with finding the trending topics of content marketing,

In content marketing, there is a famous quote by Michael Brenner, a German Author 

“Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brand produce”

I am just picking a keyword from the above quote “Hottest trend” so in this blog we will try to find out the 10 easiest ways to find that “Hottest trend”,

We  will discuss with you in detail about each way from where you will be able to find the Hottest trend,

The ways of finding the “hottest trend ” are given below!

Google Trends     









Social Mention


One of the most suitable and popular ways is the google trends through which you can find out trending topics for your content marketing by providing search terms, it will give results in the timeframe, region wise and also you can further refine that search in your required searches, other features of google trend that it provides searches in volume,

We will understand it by my own searches for  “Investment” 

 My search term is the 

 IPO-Initial Public Offering

 Mutual Fund


See the below image for the reference 

Defining about google trends of investment

Screenshot for Google Trends

The Google Trends for the last 5 years in India about investment, it is showing that People are more interested in IPO in comparison to the mutual fund and crypto 

If I put these data in comparison of search volume then the number one will be 

IPO- Initial Public Offer followed by the mutual fund and crypto in last five years in India

So finding of these search terms if we write about the IPO then it will be a high traffic blog,

If you refine this search then you will be able to find out what people are searching for inside the IPO, these will provide you current trending topics for your content marketing, 

Few other options are also available inside google for finding the trending topics 

Google auto Suggest or Complete 

 You can observe it by providing some search terms in google search, Whenever we provide some search terms or keywords in the google search then google provide some auto-suggestion from his own, on the basis of people previous searches,

The below image showing this 

Defining about Google auto complete

Screenshot For Google Auto Suggest

I have just provided the keyword “Content Marketing”  to the google search and it comes with a long list of what people used to search about content marketing like content marketing meaning, content marketing examples, content marketing strategy, etc.


The next one in Google Folders for finding the trending topics is 

People also ask for 

It is google own research for any particular keyword that google used to provide,

For  that particular keyword,

Just see the below search  image for the keyword “Content marketing”

Defining about Google People also ask

Screenshot of Search result “People also ask”

Google provides these suggestions  as “People also ask”,

 If you give any search terms to google on the basis of previous searches, take the example of the above search for “Content Marketing” 

It is providing the People also ask like What is examples of content marketing?

What is the role of content marketing?

Similar to People also ask, Google also provides related searches 

Related searches

It comes at the down of any search page for any particular search terms,

Just see the below image for the search terms “Digital Marketing”

Defining the Google Search term related searches

Screenshot for “Related Searches”

These related searches for Digital marketing is given by Google by his own research and record of previous searches 

So google can be defined as the best tool for finding out “Hottest trending topics” with the addition of its auto suggest, People also ask and Related searches, it provide complete results for any particular search terms


You can find the trending topics from Facebook also, it used to provide a complete list of trending topics based on what people are searching for and liking 

It appears to the upper right of your news feed, you will see the topic first followed by the summary of the story 

You can find the trending topics in category wise but in facebook trends, it appears in personalized form based on your location and social behavior (Post and Page you like), it is more in static nature than the Twitter trending


Twitter trending is more reliable and current than Facebook as it is coming with the day to day happening and it is more variable in nature than the facebook trending, 

It changes minute to minute with the incident happening in, around the world, 

It appears on the left of your timeline on both the notification page as well as home screen, on the profile page it appears on the right of the tweet,

The image below is showing current trends in India

Twitter Trends in India

You can find out high search volume twitter trends looking on this and you can start writing a blog over that trends that will give high traffic because the internet is all about what people are searching for


Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin also provides trending topics based on the people interaction like searches, like and share on LinkedIn

Earlier there were not any sections related to trending topics in LinkedIn but nowadays Newsfeed is coming with  a new box that says “What people  are talking about” along with some trending or breaking new stories,

The image below, it is showing how it appears

LinkedIn News feed

Screenshot for LinkedIn News

The left side of the screen is showing the news feed, in the news feed, the collection of trending topics are showing which are currently trending in India, we can filter out from these lists what topics relate to our business and proceeds for the content marketing 


Before defining about the BuzzSumo, I am  willing to ask some question to you,

Have you heard about the Niche based search engine?

Can you name any of them?


Ok, it is an online food supply platform but it is also a fine example of NIche based search engine where the niche is the Food,

Similar to Zomato, BuzzSumo is an example Niche based Search, the Niche is here Content,

It also provides the best interaction, engagement, content, and outreach opportunities across social and searches platform   

It is a free tool but the free version comes with a monthly search limit.   

It is a tool by using this you can find out the trending topics and contents.


As we all aware a fact that is the Youtube is the second most popular  search engine in the world in terms of search volume after the google search 

So the youtube trending is also the best way to find out trending topics for your business and doing your content marketing in the videos format

Usually, it provides recommendation videos based on previously watched history but it is not the trending videos,

For finding the trending videos, you have to go EXPLORE  section of youtube      

Which is the right side of the youtube screen just below the Home,

The below image is showing this 

YouTube search description

Screenshot for Youtube Trending

The second option for finding the video content, which is trending worldwide is

 Popular on youtube page  globally  

These are the two most effective ways of  finding trending Video content on youtube which will help in your content marketing 


It is sometimes also referred to as an Answer machine.

It is a great platform, over which people have asked millions of questions in the past few years since its inception in 2010 by former Facebook employees  Adam D’ Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

It is a unique platform, Which provides Content marketers to find out what people are asking,

This can be used in Content marketing by providing a suitable answer,

But finding a desired industry-related questions is a tough task in Quora, for this, you can use this graph

PARENT TOPICS(e.g Business)———-CHILD TOPICS(e.g Digital marketing)———–RELATED TOPICS(e.g Email Marketing)


Hacking is industry trends is an essential part of any content marketing strategy so Feedly is a great tool for hacking trending topics in your niche, 

A unique feature of Feedly is that it provides search volume of the trending topics,

Image is showing this 

Feedly search description

Screenshot for Feedly Search

It is a good tool to use but its free version having very limited features 


It is an open Content writing Platform where anybody can write and publish his content by simply registering to this platform.

It also provides interaction between Writer and the reader.

I can say, it is a Platform where undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic. 

It provides a most popular section on each of the selected topics from where you can find trending topics and can use them in your content marketing. 

Social mention:-

The last on this section is Social mention, it is similar to the BuzzSumo type tools, which is based on Niche based search engine which provides the search based on Social mention as the name itself is describing it.

You can find out trending topics by providing search terms for your desired business.

By adding the last one, it is time to provide a final thought over the complete blog. We have discussed lots of things for finding the “Hottest trends” starting from Google to Social mention.

It is very important to keep a close eye on overall searches on the internet than you will be able to find the big gap between what customers want and what companies are offering.

Your content marketing success will be measured by how much you are capable of filling the said gap.

If you want to know how data play an important  role in Digital Marketing just go through this Data analytics

Have you been vaccinated? yes, then it is very good!

Enjoy life then!

Thank you very much for reading this, if you’re reading this full then Please let me know your reaction in my comment section, I will welcome it.