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India has a very vast tradition, habit & culture,

its language and rituals changed with the region and sometimes within the region.

Finding common habits across India is a little difficult, after my personal observation, I have selected 5(five) of them.

1.Eating food by hand:-

It is a common habit among all of us, we are fond of eating food by hand only, it satisfies our inner sense.

Indian food is designed in such a way that you can eat with a spoon & fork.

Eating food with Cutlery is reserved for the times when people visit Restaurant.

An Indian eating by hand

2. Having a tea:-

Tea can be easily declared as the national drink, it is a very common habit across India of having tea on all the occasions respective of time.

Tea is an easily available drink everywhere in India whether it remote village or metro town, Home, or any marketplace.

It is a common welcome gesture for the visitor, who visits anybody’s house.

3. We are masters in bargaining habit :-

It is a most typical habit of all of us during the time of marketing, we love to bargaining, it easily visible in the street shopping&vegetable market.

We are experts in such a way that we buy the products almost equal to half of the original price of the products.  

Now, I think you have understood the logic behind the shopkeeper having the board in front of his shop as “Fixed Price”.

4. Street food eating habit:-

We are crazy about street foods though it is somehow unhealthy.

 We love the street food as much as we love the tea,

no matter how many pizza corner chains and McDonald’s chains are in existence and growing day by day,

Our love for street food has not decreased by any level and I don’t see any decrease in the future also.

5. Jugar:-

We are experts in this, this habit is very old and developed with us only day by day.

Indian have a Jugar for each and everything available in the market, Jugar means arranging an alternative.

People try to fix any problem with our own Indian Jugar if the original is not available or has a very high cost. 


the list of Indian habits are too long like leaving our shoes outside the religious premises across India,

If you mail to anybody it is required to inform him verbally that I have already mailed you.

Similarly, if somebody may have seen you doing something still he will ask you you are doing this like reading, sleeping, eating, etc.

We are different from the rest of the world,

Indians are born with different habits and can be easily identified outside India, this makes us Indian and this is our quality, we should preserve it as it defines our uniqueness.

Thank you!