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Have you ever felt anxious due to the loss of your daily mobile data limit?

Then you can go ahead till the last of the blog,

this blog is for you only,

I faced this problem recently so I thought I should share it with you,

How I have sorted out this problem!

Here are 05 (five) tips that I am sharing with you, by using this you can save your data up to the limit,

1.Use the streaming app in balance:-

When you are using an app like Netflix, Youtube, Zee5, Vigo, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Gaana then set the data limit for this app in your Android app or it will be better if you use it on a computer with secure Wifi connections.

As these apps consume lots of data then it will be better you set the data uses to this app with secure wifi connections only.  

image explaining about the Spotify app which is used here for mobile data consumption
Photo by cotton bra from Pexels

2.Disable Auto Sync:-

Almost all android app has a special feature of Auto-Sync, disabling auto-sync will save you lots of data,

Otherwise, you can download the attachment with the secure Wifi Network.

3.Use a proper Antivirus:-

Ok, We have discussed a lot about Android app that eat our valuable data but there are some hidden thieves who used to eat our data, and every time, it gets exhausted.

To prevent your mobile data and your precious personal information by taking away to an unknown place by an attacker, you need to use some standard antivirus on your mobile.

Here is the list of some standard antivirus. 

4.Disable Auto-update for all the apps:-

      By default, some apps have an auto-update option enabled  so  for the sake of data saving you have to check it,

Including the Goole play. 

5.Download the google maps:-

It is better to download google maps for offline purposes if you are a frequent user of google maps as you can use it offline purpose by using mobile GPS, it will save you lots of data.

This has another benefit as you don’t know which area will be having networks coverage,

If you have a map downloaded for the location you frequently visit then you will not consume data in each use of google maps.

Wrapping up this discussion with my personal note that I have also suffered the same pain as you suffer due to unwanted data loss,

It may be due lack of knowledge so if you want to save your mobile data, you should be extra conscious while you are using your mobile.


Thank you!