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The backlink is an interlink building between your site to another site,

Backlink building is very important in terms of ranking in the SERP ,

Now you will tell that there are 100 factors for ranking in google,

Image describing the backlink building between the different websites
Image by Diggity Marketing from Pixabay


What is the importance of backlink building?

The importance of backlink building  can be understood by the market value of your website,

The backlink can be considered as a vote of confidence towards your website, the more backlink building means more vote of confidence,

It somehow provides a positive signal to Google that your site is full of information for the required search terms and it deserves a ranking in the SERP.

The below image is representing the link building with your site to another website,

Image is defining backlink building between a website to other websites.
Image source

The backlink is defined in two ways on the basis of link building,

  1. Upward backlink
  1. Inward backlink 

1.Upward backlink:- 

       The link building from your website to another website is an upward backlink.

2.Inward backlink:-

The link building from another website to your website is Inward backlink.

After knowing about the backlink building, the question of,

How to increase the backlink building?

Raised by everyone!

The best way to increase  link building by the organic method is Guest blogging,

It is one of the oldest & easiest methods of link building through which you will interact with a new audience on a different  platform

And it will also provide quality backlinks to your website. 

For finding the place for guest blogging you can use the google search  with keyword search terms given below, 

  1. Your keyword + Become an author
  2. Search terms + guest post by
  3. Your keyword + want to write for
  4. Your keyword + Contribute 

Another best way is the internal link building,

It is best suitable for the beginner as it is very difficult finding quality backlinks at the start, 

Also, it will help in navigation through your website and provide a quality user experience for the visitor.

Summarizing this blog with the words that link building is a long time process and very important in terms of Off-page SEO,

So do it passionately and focus only on the quality link building through the reference.

Thank you