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how to become a digital marketer

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist Being a successful digital marketer is no easy task. You have to scan through all the latest trends, stay up to date with the newest developments, and know what's going on...

  What is Instagram marketing?

Social media has changed the world we live in, and with that comes a lot of new opportunities. However, before you start advertising on Instagram or any other social media platform for that matter,...

 Internet advertisement in bokaro

The coaching institutes and schools serve the area  using  internet advertisement in Bokaro, At times, when you are looking for a coaching institute to learn something about a certain...

Best Digital marketing agency in Bokaro

While the internet has changed business forever,  the way companies create and manage content - including their websites, marketing campaigns, and blog posts - hasn't changed much. There are...

How to promote coaching institute in Bokaro on Facebook?

Facebook can be very helpful in increasing awareness about your coaching institute in Bokaro, it is also useful in lead generation

Reasons why dogs are the best

Otto is a bulldog that has impressive skateboarding skills. Just look at him go!, They can learn to ride a skateboard

What is Markup language?

A Markup language is the “TAGS” & A computer language that helps the browser to understand what and how the content should display.

Is it true We are operating in Web2.0?

Web2.0 is the read/write version of the internet web services which is referred to as an advanced and upgraded form of web1.0.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is more related to a local business listing and more focused on location-based searches, You may have seen the searches like!

White hat SEO & Black hat SEO!

White hat SEO is the hero of the movie who uses ethical practices for ranking on the google search result page and rewarded with the rank,

5 Tips for increasing SEO-backlink!

How writing testimonials will help in SEO-backlink building? But! We can increase our link building by writing testimonials for different

What is backlink building?

The backlink is an interlink building between your site to another site ,Backlink building is very important in terms of ranking in the SERP

What is the Long tail keyword & Short tail keyword?

The long tail keyword is the phrase containing more than three words whereas the Short tail keyword consists of one or two words

Readability help in SEO-score!

Readability provides a blog complete sense and meaning so that it will be easily understandable by the search engine & increases SEO-score

How to increase the readability of your blog?

transition words are very important in content marketing as they improve the readability of the blog and also provides

How to increase website speed in WordPress

Speed is very important in today’s internet world, Fast uploading speed is also a factor in improvements of your site’s overall

5 Tips for image optimization

Image is the summary of the blog in a single frame when we try to define the entire article,  Now, comes in the process of image insertion in the blog, we usually download some images from the...

Why marketing is important?

This blog is not to discuss all the old answers to this question ,you need marketing as you want the sale, May be your tools and technique

Is mobile phone communication private?

we are surrounded by two types of people one who is hacked and realized it and another one is who is hacked but doesn’t know about it.

5 unique places of keyword in your Blog

The keyword is most essential in on-site SEO it is used in Heading Section as well as in the body section.

5 tips for URLs optimization in on-site SEO!

URLs optimization is one of the most important parts of the on-site SEO, Whole purpose of optimization is that Google understands the intent

What is SEO?

Every digital marketing should know the word SEO and its importance as all the digital marketing happening can not be completed without it

What is the true meaning of Spirituality?

Spirituality having  several meanings, I will discuss all of them one by one, If we will explain it in short and simple words then it means finding yourselves. Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from...

Which type of Web designer do you are?

If you are a web designer! Your customer might have asked the first question! You might have given an answer like!

Is A web designer required coding software knowledge?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash As we all know that web designing, it refers to the design of the website and is related to the user experience of the user. Now the valid question is that a web...

Website developers & Website designers?

web developer is someone who builds and maintains the core structure of a website using coding languages such as HTML,

5 tips to save unwanted data consumption on your mobile!

Have you ever felt anxious due to the loss of your daily mobile data limit? Then you can go ahead till the last of the blog, this blog is for you only, I faced this problem recently so I thought I...

Do you know 5 Tips for Writing an introduction to your Blog?

Photo by Ann H from Pexels Imagine a situation in which you are being invited to a birthday party and you went there, your host didn’t introduce you to anybody, you just went and come...

5 Indian habits which differentiate us from the rest of the world!

India has a very vast tradition, habit & culture, its language and rituals changed with the region and sometimes within the region. Finding common habits across India is a little difficult,...

[“Who is good, Storyteller or Motivational Speaker?”]

A motivational speaker is also a storyteller but he always narrates someone else stories he tries to build a flow of positive energy by

How to be a better blog writer?

 will start with a quote from a famous English writer, who once said!

“Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted”

By E.L. Doctorow


The best way to write a good blog is the “write as you talk”!

If you simply, start writing as you talk then you will be far ahead of the 95% of writers,

Who used to write good and interesting content in their field of interest,

It is as simple as you think, Put every sentence as you talking to your friends in describing any topics 

Here, I am providing some notable points through which you can do it easily!

  • Clear communication
  • Short sentences in writing
  • Small paragraphs
  • Personalization items

You can go through this video also for a better understanding of the blog writing concept!

Clear communication:-

The communication must be crystal clear, for the understanding of these terms,

I am putting an example here,

Have you observed any super hit and popular Bollywood Hindi songs?


Just observed it and think about it, the song popularity is directly proportional to how easily can anybody sing it,

You will also be able to find that many people love the songs but they are not remembering the complete songs but only the hit lines or a small portion of the complete song,

You can take it as an example of clear communication in which the song creator is directly & clearly communicated with his audience 

The song is so easy to sing and understand that it becomes so popular.

Short Sentences in writing:-

Whenever you are writing any blog, always try to use Short sentences to describe any topics,

If you try to remember how you talk with your friends then you will be able to figure out that the maximum length of a sentence is usually 20 to 30 words,

Short sentences are the key to good content writing remember this.

Small Paragraph:-

You make it as a habit in your content writing to avoid lengthy and bulky paragraphs, as long paragraph usually is the reason people lost reading interest in your blog, it is also the main reason, people don’t go for a complete reading of your blog and left out somewhere in between!

Personalization items:-

Try to put personalization items or elements in your writing like I, your and you, etc

It provides one-one to interaction while anybody reading your articles or contents.

Final thought over blog writing, content writers are not born writers, it is a skill, people learn and it is being modified by his personal experience and knowledge about that particular subject, the final word I am adopting from the start of the blog is that writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted,

I will try to put few more notable and important points in my next blog, hoping to write as soon as possible, yesterday I was reading a blog on how to overcome lack of concentration, it is good reading you can go through this 6 Major steps to overcome lack of concentration”

A public message to all, have you been vaccinated?

Always!, Please give me an answer as ——yes only! I feel good!, also if you want to know more about recent phenomena of covid “Black fungus”, you can go through Dr. Neha Raisane blog

One more thought-provoking reading for all of you especially related to Parenting ” 5 Benefits of Connecting Children with Indian folk and tribal art”

Thank you very much for reading this, see you soon!

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