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It is looking very simple words but the meaning of this very deep, so I first start by famous saying that somehow describe a difference between Job or Business

 “The basic difference between doing Job and Business

           The first one wait for the Friday 

           The other one waits for the Monday…    “


The image defining about a confusion person between Job or Business

Is it true for you?  What is your choice?

 I am not saying all people are like that, some people are workaholics and they never see Friday or Monday but in general, the concept is like this.

There are lots of benefits of having a job, you have regular life and a regular monthly income,

You will live a routine life of 9 to 5 and above all, you will not take a risk in life, a stable life with a few professional ups or downs.

Whereas Business is variable in nature, no regular monthly income sometimes lots of profits and sometimes loss,

No routine life, no limit of working hours, you will take risks in life regularly, with lots of ups and downs in life on a regular basis.

So still some people choose the Business, Why?

Another famous saying is the!

                 “ The basic difference between Job or  doing business 

                       Job- To lead the life

                    Business- For success in life 

   Both is for life , What is your choice?”



Look if you will ask  my personal opinion about this topics then I will say I have more than 15 years of job experience in the different organizations across India and abroad but I was feeling very much secure doing the job, a routine life, no risks for business failure now I have decided to shift my gear so already I had lead the life for last 15 years now I want Success in life,

For me success means traveling around the world so lets us see I will get success in life or not.

It is a personal choice that he feels comfortable with Job or business.

I am giving a chart view about the basic difference between Job or Business, which I have collected from different sources and my personal experience,

Just see the below,

Difference between Job & Business
Picture diagram of Job & Business


Now it is time to provide my final thought about the discussion,

What is best a job or business,

I think it varies with each individual capacity that what fits his/her ability and like and dislike,

For Some people,

A job may be the best option for living a life and for others maybe Business as

I can not suggest anybody that go and do a business,

if he/she doesn’t have enough money for investment.

I am telling from my personal observation that

I have seen many people who are doing a job and very much satisfied and happy,

Though they are regularly complaining about the different issues, they never leave the job as it becomes a routine.

I have an observation from the business side also

They are doing very good and very much satisfied with working as a businessman but

You will go & ask from them how is going? then they will reply in negative.

So choose Job if you want to lead life and choose the business if you want to lead for success,

Both for life, What is your choice?

Please share your views and comments!

Thank you