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Image explaining about the introduction
Photo by Ann H from Pexels

Imagine a situation in which you are being invited to a birthday party and you went there, your host didn’t introduce you to anybody, you just went and come back after having food without interaction with anybody and a complete boring party. 

Imagine another situation where your host welcomes you at entry and introduces you to everybody, you enjoy the party and you will say it was a great party. 

The introduction of your blog is similar to that party, your readers will not enjoy the blog until you will introduce it properly.

Some expert also says it is a summary of your entire blog.

If  8 people out of 10 will read your headline then there is the possibility that only 2 will read your introduction.

These can be increased by writing a better introduction, here are the 

05(Five) tips that can be helpful in doing that,

1.Write the introduction of your post at last but place it in strat:-

It seems very illogical and irreverent but the best introduction is written  in this way,

 For Your readers, the introduction may be the first impression but for you, it must be the last impression.

Another benefit of writing an introduction, at last, is that you know about the whole content and you can write the best introduction for your blog. 

2.Ask a valid question to your readers related to the blog:-

You can ask a valid question related to the content, it creates curiosity and physiological effects in your reader’s mind and pushes them to read the next part of the contents,

If you put the answers to the said question in the latter part of the blog as he moves in search of the answer.

Just see the picture below, should contain a glance of readers Problem & solution:-

Your every blog should need to solve some of the reader’s problems otherwise who will invest their time to read your blogs.

The problem may be related to lack of knowledge, poor results, wasted time, wasted money, etc.

Addressing this in your introduction engages your audience from start and take to end to the blog.

Just see the below picture!

4.Give an invitation to your audience by introduction:-

        It is one of the best ways to engage with your audience from the start of your post by inviting them,

Your audience will feel that the post is only for him and will solve all of his life problems.   

Take the two examples from 

“How to overcome adversity and steal its power”

                   By rebootauthentic  

Example- 01(first):-

Does it ever seem like you have more adversity in your life than other people do?

Example -02(second):-

You begin to feel sorry for yourself and think “why does this stuff always happen to me?”

5.Provide a conflict sentence in your introduction:-

    Try to provide a different view than what your readers think, it is correct and it is going to help him, which means creating conflict in the concepts,

In other aspect provides a different view just opposite to the general view and prove it later part of the contents, it keeps your readers engage and finally end with comments.

Confrontation is sure to get readers attention but all created confrontations are not equal,

Ther is insulting and trollish confrontation also which is always wrong.


The concluding point of this blog is that introduction is the second magnet element of your blog after the headline,

It should capable of pushing your readers to take the next step and keep engaging last of the post,

Otherwise, the option with your readers is always open and do the process of





                                 Thank you!