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“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” ~ Seth Godin

As said by famous American author & Dotcom business executive,

I will say yes because you can not sell lens to the blind man it starts with understanding customer needs,

A man working on Personal computer ,describing what are the needs of effective marketing.
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The arguments for this approach are logical: First, you should find out exactly what your audience wants and sell them that, rather than building something and waiting to see what happens.

Second, if you can sell a product before you actually create it, you’ll have more resources to build it right,

In a roundabout way, this is the same logic that powers Kickstarter,

In other words, it is also called Market research for your products,

The success of any product or service that your company launches is dependent on how well it fills a need in the marketplace and whether or not your target audience chooses to adopt it. Due to production costs, advertising expenses, and the effect a launch can have on your brand, it is important to gather all of the information you can from your target audience ahead of time

The most important question related to marketing,

Is marketing a science or creativity?

The image is indicating towards different question related with effective marketing

If you asked my personal views then I will say Marketing is where Science & creativity meets,

I will try to explain it by an example,

Let’s consider that you have a travel portal. If you choose to drive traffic to your portal from a social media site such as Instagram or Facebook, you will start with budgeting and audience targeting — which is science and numbers. Next, you need an ad creative. What headline, what image, or what video will interest your target audience? How can you motivate them to click through to your site and remember your brand? What should your ad contain that will help you stand out from the competition? These are challenging questions that need creative responses, or let’s just say that making good ad creatives is an art, Once your ad is running, you need to monitor the metrics, such as how many people engaged with your ad and what was your ROI, so we come back to science.

We should look for another aspect of marketing in the current era!

Is traditional Marketing better than Digital Marketing?

I will say in some cases it is yes and in some cases, it is no, depending upon the products and your target customer,

We all know that India is a country, where a large population live in the village so the reach of traditional marketing tools like Tv, Newspaper, Hoarding, Wall painting, etc is much larger than the digital marketing tools like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc

But there are some pros & cons of each of the marketing technique, you can look the below picture,

A chart picture describing about pros and cons about Digital marketing, the image here is used to describe about effective marketing.

Describing about pros & cons about traditional  marketing and used here to define about the effective marketing


Which type of marketing you should use?

It should be decided based on 4P Product, Price, Place & Promotion
Let us consider that your target customer is super-rich people of India then your medium of communication will be digital for example if BMW wants to sell its car
His preference of communication will be digital,

As the customer of these products mostly found on Digital channels,

In other words, if BAYER wants to communicate then his medium of communication will be Traditional as it sells agriculture equipment

Indicating brand logo of BMW and used here to define the "effective marketing" in the digital era

Let me exaplain ,

How we can become wealthy?

For becoming rich in the digital era by marketing, there is a very simple formula

As explained by Deepak sir,


Describing about Niche for the customer building funnels and used here to define about the effective marketing in the digital era.

I will try to explain in few words to each of them I am starting from!

Niche — in my words it is a needs or vacuum which you have to fill or it may be a skill in which you are master or it may be a specific sub-product or skill

If you look around you will find yourself surrounded by niche products & services

Beauty shop- LUX, Health shop-Dettol, Family shop — lifebuoy

Snacks — Halidiram Bhujiya, Cars- Sportscar, Bike- sports bike, Sports shoes-Adidas,

Leather shoes- Sreelather

& how You can forget the mention the name of Ramdev Baba & Digital Deepak Sir when you are discussing the niche products & services

This cycle keeps circulating, just see the below figure!

Cycle of community building is in the picture and used to define about the effective marketing in digital era.

Once you know the niche, the wealth creation will move around it you will create content that will be your creativity and skill,

You will communicate with your customer using the different channels of digital marketing using your content and try to get their attention,

Your customer attention is directly proportional to your content,

The next step will be building trust with your customer base if you build good Trust with your customer it finally transacts into money and will make you wealthy

Now the question wil arise how you will implementing the CATT funnel effectively for effective marketing,

The answer will come that it can be possible only by Integrated digital marketing,


What is integrated marketing?

The name itself explains the meaning of integrated marketing or we can understand it as integrating all parts of marketing communication in such a way that it works together and left no room for doubt for the customer for your brands & products,

This will build a strong trust & relation with your customer so the CATT funnel will also work effectively

These are the main channels of integrated Digital marketing

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Display Advertising
  3. PPC Advertising
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Search Engine Marketing(SEO)
  6. Social Media Marketing (SEM)
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Online Public relation

The Start of any digital marketing is from Website building, if you want to build a website from scratch, go through this blog about building a Website using WordPress

Above we have discussed a lot of things about how we can do marketing effectively in the digital era but something we have left is personal branding without that our discussion will not be complete!


If I will say Sandeep k, what will strike in your mind!

He is my friend, it will be your answer!

Baba Ramdev, I said these words then your mind will come with the picture of Yoga and Ayurveda

Did you notice one thing I didn’t say anything about Yoga or Ayurveda

So who is the personal Brand here?

Of course! Baba Ramdev, not me!

Personal branding is the practice of creating a brand around a person,

it is created by building a mass trust by a person day to day activities, it may

be the providing some kind of services, consulting, or mentoring or anything

Baba Ramdev has done the same thing, he builds himself as a brand and after that, he reinvented the Yoga & Ayurveda in India

Now if you want to become a personal brand then what you will do,

it is possible, anybody can build their personal brand we will have to take step by step process in Digital marketing


Below is a picture for MassTrust Blueprint, this cycle keeps revolving,

Describing about mass trust building in the funnel and used here to define about the effective marketing


learning is the very necessary and first step, you can get it by different concepts and feeds from different sources & research and doing the procedures


it is a most important step in personal brand building as famous saying from my childhood that knowledge without experience is no use, as days will pass all you learned you will forget without doing any work


if you keep working your knowledge about your niche will increase and

it will enhance your skill and learning, further, you can build your own customer base by sharing that knowledge through the blog by writing content

In the digital marketing vocabulary, they are defined as followers!


You can add the consulting also to your work profile, can give consultancy to your customer, related to their works it will increase your trust with your customer base


if you achieved expertise in your subject then you can be starting teaching them about the subjects and guide them about the happening in the digital arena, career prospects, new skill learning this will take your trust level with your followers to the next level


You can become financial stable then you can start a startup & can launch & relaunch your services & products

Conclusion :-

Above I have tried to explain about marketing and how we can do better marketing or you may say how we can be a good marketer in the digital era,

it was my first attempt to write such a long article though I am not good at writing I tried hard for it, I will welcome all types of feedback for the articles

so I can correct it in future articles.

Thank you for reading the article!


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