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It is true that an internationally recognized language like English is required,

for a country like India having such a diverse culture,

To unite all of them and proper functioning of the businesses.

Today when I was going through Wikipedia for the language of India, I found that Hindi is not the language of India, the constitution of India does not give any language as the status of National language.

The entire north and a portion of the east are people of Hindi speaking,

still in these areas medium of communication among the professionals is English especially written communication.

A picture explaining about the English language.
Photo by Matthias Heyde on Unsplash

It was my personal experience as I  was working as a professional for so many years in these areas in different organizations.

I observed much craze of the English medium schools among parents to get in their children in these schools.

They are dying to get enrolled their children as it is also defined as a status symbol in society.

They queued in the long line to get admitted his child to the best English schools.

It is cool if you are good in speaking it.

There is less craze for it than regional language in the other parts of India as compared to these areas.   

There also official language among the professional is English but they are more inclined towards regional language.


So final concluding points from my side,

that I don’t know it is good or bad,

but English and cricket we have received as a legacy from the British rule,

These two are most popular in India since independence and growing rapidly day by day.

Similarly, English is in upward trends taking as official communication language among companies and institutions.

One more fact is that India is the world’s second-largest English-speaking country.

  A country with more than 12% of people speaking the language.

So somehow it has become a compulsory requirement to learn it to achieve a better in


Thank you!