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My answer will be!

oh! your curious mind asking that how can be fasting?

That also, irregular fasting can improve our health!

In India, we are habitual for listening that only healthy food can give a healthy body and mind

but it is also possible to build a healthy body & mind

By intermittent fasting!

A chart diagram showing the list of different health related habits and used to define about fasting related with

Have you heard about intermittent fasting?

As the word, intermittent means occurring at irregular intervals or you may say not continuous or steady,

It is a cycle between eating & fasting, take the example of leaving your breakfast and taking lunch directly on that day

Got the idea about intermittent fasting,

No, okay

There are many popular methods of intermittent fasting,

First one!

16/8 — -method — In these 16 hours of fasting being done in a day, it is the most popular method, for example, leaving your breakfast and taking your lunch in that day

Second one!

Eat — — Stop — — Eat — method

Take the example of last night dinner to the next day dinner

Third one!

5/2 diet method — in this we used to take only 500–600 calories in a day

Chose any of this & you will observe these improvements in your healths

  1. reduces the blood sugar levels & insulin of the body.
  2. helps in losing weight.
  3. provides metabolic health benefits.
  4. It helps in living a long life.

There are many benefits of intermittent fasting, I have just put a few,

For your understanding of Intermittent fasting, I am sharing below a mindmap!

look at the above mindmap, you will be able to understand intermittent fasting in a better way as I tried to explain in why what and why not terms.

Last I can just suggest to you that if you are going to have intermittent fasting as your daily routine then first check with your regular doctors and check the given below points as you do not fall in this category

  1. Taking medication
  2. Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  3. Women trying to conceive
  4. Underweight
  5. People with low blood pressure
  6. Having Diabetes
  7. People with an eating disorder


By adding these points I like to conclude this article about intermittent fasting

I will say that it is good to add this to your daily life routine as it is benefitted me a lot but if you have to check it in your condition.

Hope you enjoy reading this, please do comment as suggestions and guidance for improvement!

Thank you for reading!