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Habits to be made by every individual this image is trying to define it
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In simple words, it can be defined as the regular daily activities that we used to do willingly or unwillingly or sometimes automatically.

It is also defined as a routine task that we do it regularly like reaching the office daily on time, it is defined as a good habit as it defines your punctuality.

Lots of good habits are there which help you in getting good health, wealth and personality development like reading habit, yoga, early wakeup, reading, writing, etc.

Due to fast and unbalanced life, we also adopt some bad habits also like unhealthy food habits, smoking, drinking, mobile addicts, tv addicts, social media addicts, etc.

It is directly connected with your happiness and success!

Happiness is a habit—cultivate it.

Elbert Hubbard

As we go defining types of Habits, it will be a long list as all our daily activities related to some of our habits.

In sort, Habits can be classified into three groups

  1. Productivity habits 
  2. Physical habits
  3. Mental habits 

Productivity Habits :-

  1. Scheduling Your work:-

It is a good habit, use your calendar to plan your work and personal schedule, it takes most of your mind to remember your task and use your full brain power for creativity, problem-solving or strategic thinking.

  1. Having a clean desk :-

Having a clean desk policy help too much as physical clutter can affect your mental state and deteriorate  your decision-making ability,

Adopt the same for your inbox, desktop, laptop, and mobile also make a habit of arranging the things in place and keep it in the same place in the evening.    

3. Use your task manager:-

    Having a task manager helps you to organize your works

  and helping you track what you need to do and when.


Physical habit:-

   As the name itself indicating physical so all habits related with 

    The physical activity of a person is defined as the physical habit

  1. Regular exercise:-

   It is having the biggest impact on your ability to focus and

   Getting things done.

2. Having the right nutrition

3. Regular breaks:-Take regular breaks within 2 or 3 hours, it 3

    Helps you to work with fresh energy.  

Mental Habit:-

  It relates to your mental wellness

  1. Positive thinking:

       To achieve anything in life you need to focus on positive

        things so think positive and create the life you want to create.


   2. Mindfulness:-

         Living mindfully can greatly help you to focus and do 

         Your best work and do your best work all the time.

         For this I am suggesting a habit, create a reminder in 

         Your phone or your calendar to “focus on the now”

         Set it at least once a day to remind you to come back

          to the present moment.

So the habit is something,

That affects  your behavior so please choose your habits wisely and try to focus on them,

Start with 10 minutes per day then increase the length of time to 20–30–40–50 minutes, until it becomes your daily habit.

Identify the bad habits and replace them with good ones, by using the above technique,

If you really want happiness and success in your life, you should treat habit-building as a success mantra.

Thank you!