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I think you may be aware of this word if you are a digital marketer or have an interest in content marketing.

It is a word or group of words or sometimes in the form of a Phrase.

In SEO keywords are classified into three groups,

  •  Primary keyword 
  • Secondary keyword 
  • Additional keyword 

Primary keyword:-

The primary keyword is the main focused keyword but it should not be only a talking point in your content then google might consider you as spam.

Secondary keyword:-

The secondary keyword is the replacement for the primary keyword with slight variations in the meaning.

Additional keyword:-

Additional keywords are the replacement for the above two keywords but the meaning of the words is similar.

One important point about the keyword is the ideal number is 01 for a primary keyword,1-3 for the secondary keyword, and 1-4 for the additional keyword for a complete blog.

Now the 5 ideal places for the keywords:-

1.A page title or blog title:-

Having keywords in your blog title helps a lot in SEO as google crawling is trying to find interlinks between your blog title and blog content over that google index the search.

Just see the below image,

keyword with blog title
Screenshot defining the keyword in the blog title

2. Use in the META title tag:-


People always get confused between Meta title tag and Blog title,

Try to understand that our meta consists of META title tags and meta description,

The meta title tag is also defined as SLUG in WordPress.

It has a limit of about 50-60 words and a meta description having around 160 words.

Having a keyword in the Meta title tags helps google to understand the interrelation between Meta description and title.

Just see the below image,

keyword with meta title tag and meta description.
Screenshot defining the Meta title tag & meta description with keyword

3. Use in Subheading:-

  It is always helpful in on-site SEO to have at least one keyword in the subheadings of the blog with H2 tags.

Just see the below image as an example  for the subheading,

keyword with sub-heading
Screenshot defining about the Subheading

4. Use in between the content:-

   It is advisable that you use one keyword before the completion

of  Writing the main body of the blog with 100 or 200 words.              


5. Use in the link:-

  It is the best to place to use the keyword as it defines that there is,

a place Where you can find more information about that keyword.


   It sends information to Google that the blog is full of information 

   With the desired keyword.

   Just see the below image with SEO, defining the link with 


keyword with link
Image defining about the keyword SEO in the link

 Concluding points:-

 The keyword is most essential in on-site SEO, it is used in Heading 

  Section as well as in the body section.

 Above we have discusses the 5 pick points of the blog for using keywords, 

  • Title
  • Meta title tags
  • Subheading 
  • Content
  • Link 

For the detailed study, you can use these sites

Thank you!