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I think you may have read it or listened from many marketers that marketing will increase your sales as usual or increase your brand awareness, the market value of the product will increase.

But, wait a minute!

This blog is not to discuss all the old answers to this question,

In Image is people have  taken the different  letters of word marketing,
"Marketing" being defined.
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

I will discuss it through my daily activities that you might be also doing like purchasing Sabzi(Vegetables) for home,

For the last two years, I was going to a local vegetable market for purchasing,

The thing I have noticed yesterday I didn’t notice earlier was a market with no electricity at day time due to the legality of the local electricity authority,

A single vegetable seller having a fan connection and running it and even lighted the bulb in the daytime, this was not new but I have observed after 2 years,

I think like me many ones didn’t notice it.

The purpose of putting this example is that we are so engaged with our life activities and problems that we usually don’t notice many things that are happening around us until unless it is being targeted that you should notice it.

Now you will question that it is a good example but where it relates to topics,

I have used the last word “targeted towards your mind thinking”,

Marketing is all about taking your mind attentions towards the company products or services,

All the tools and techniques of sales are used to take your mind time and attention towards company products & services. 

Marketing is being done by everyone,

It is being done in from ancient times before the professional marketer come into the market.

A magazine  shopkeeper selling magazines & books in his shop.
He is also doing "marketing" of books in own traditional style.
Photo by African Efe from Pexels

You might have seen many shopkeepers keep their products on highlighted display in specific locations,

So that it is being noticed either at the time of entrance or from a distance so that people bound to enter in that shop & see that products.

This is observable at many street vendors also who sell the newspaper or magazine, books on the train, traffic signals, or bus stops.

Not a single sale in this world is being done without the marketing whether it is being done by the street vendor or by big companies like Reliance, Tata, etc.

All are doing marketing through whatever resources are available.


The concluding point of this blog is you need marketing as you want the sale,

May be your tools and technique of marketing varies like you use mouth to mouth publicity if products that much good,

Using some traditional method of marketing (you may be aware of it or not that, but it is marketing)

Or using the current method of digital marketing!

Thank you!