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Image describing about the software coding language
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

As we all know that web designing,

it refers to the design of the website and is related to the user experience of the user.

Now the valid question is that a web designer needs the Coding software knowledge or not!

Let me first explain the elements of a web design,

Elements of web design:-

  • Layout
  • Images 
  • Visual hierarchy 
  • Color scheme 
  • Typography
  • Readability
  • Content

The mind map is below is for Elements of Web design,

Screenshot for the elements of web design
Screenshot for the elements of web design

Just closely observe each element of a  web design,

You will come to a conclusion that a web is a blank book, which is being filled by the web designer,

Starting from Layout,

Web designer decides the formats of content .

It is the first and most important step of a web designer

they can use the blank area as white spaces to adjust the grid-based design on the page.

They even can use a responsive template that adopts different screen sizes at different devices.

Visual hierarchy is related to the user navigation and visual representation between the contents.

The next few elements like color, readability, navigation, content representation of a website,

All are designed on the basis of user comfort.

The people who used to design the website after studying the user behavior are called UX web designers. 


The concluding point is that basically web designers are usually operating in three modes of operation,

Frist, who only do the designing parts of a website and let others do the coding parts and user behavior parts of the website,


The second one is who used to do the design and having a little bit of understanding of the coding language like HTML, CSS and let his partner do the user interface related work,

The third and last one is a master in all the skills and does all works related to the website himself.

So, the concluding point of this article is the,  

it is better to have an understanding of basic coding languages like HTML, CSS though it is not the most required skill set for a web designer having this will have the upper edge.

Similarly having mastery over any front-end coding software like Abode Dreamweaver will give a piece of in-depth knowledge in designing and help a lot.

Having coding knowledge is not a must-required skill for a web designer but a lack of this will affect your work in web designing.

Thank you!