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If you are smart enough of doing any work or you have command over the particular subjects or business or anything,

It doesn’t mean that you will get success within a day or without doing it regularly.

In the last sentence, I used the word “regularly”, which is a common English word in India that used to define “Consistency

 So, you need to be consistent enough to be successful in that particular field then only you will get name, fame, and earn money in that field.

In the said image a lady is reading the book "Play to win" which is used in this blog for defining consistency in work related to book reading.
Photo by Paul White on Unsplash

A famous quote is also about consistency & Success,

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

E. James Rohn

Take the above quote as an example of a standard example for success & how it can be achieved by being consistent in any field.

I will try to explain the consistency and success relation by a famous example of rabbit and tortoise story,

So we all know about the race of Rabbit and tortoise and we also know who won the race and


The tortoise was consistent and Rabbit was not consistent,

The tortoise was fighting with already declared defeat but without giving a thought over that to what the world is saying he was just running and running, and result, we all know!  

I have another live example that I have just taken from watching last night on YouTube,

 It is an interview of one of the Intern from DDIP; his name is Sagar who belong to the very small town of Orrisa,

An undecided youth trying different things to make a living,

He started with Graduation in physics to pursue some PG courses in Physics but after completing the graduation he found that it is not his cup of Tea.

Then after receiving suggestions from their surroundings and from his elders,

He found that he should try for a Master-level course in Management as he belongs to a business family but after trying for one or two years he could not able to manage to good college as it requires good percentile.

Finally, he did manage to learn some digital marketing skills and start sharing to the world,

He tried to sell his online course for one day, 2 days, 3 days till 30 days,   But, no selling,

 But he keeps trying consistently for selling the other 30 days, every day, but no selling, till that day,

Finally, he received his first sell of $100 on 79 days,

After that, he keeps selling every day online,

Till today he already earned around $9000,

So his consistency has given him the results that he was searching for from day one.

You just have to choose the right path and

Move in that direction without giving any second thought about the public opinion or surroundings,

keep doing it consistently until the desired results.

So the message is simple,

Decide and start working on that consistently,

Success will come in intervals of time, it has to come in anyway.


So finally concluding this article with my thoughts,

That whatever you are doing in your life do it consistently because it is the only formula for success, it is applicable for every field and all the businesses.

Give your valuable points over this, in the comments section.

Thank you!