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The key elements of a blog are like sensing elements of human body parts like eyes, nose& ear, etc.

As the eyes provide visibility and nose for sensing smell of something and ears for listening something similar to that the key elements of blog are sensing elements for the readers.

I think it is essential to understand, each part of a blog before We proceed further in blog writing,

This is all about a short description of each part of a blog, it is a little bit descriptive type which may be a reason you may lose interest in reading this but for writing a Stunning and successful blog, You must go through the complete blog.

Main components or parts of a Blog:-

  1. Headline
  2. Introduction
  3. Main Body of Blog
  4. Conclusion

I will provide a detailed description of each part of the blog one by one but before that, I will suggest that you please go through a mind map, which I have created for a better understanding of this blog,

Mind map screen shot for Blog


Have you gone through the Mind Map, ok, Now I will brief each one starting with


Headline generation you can do by the two ways

(A) Manual Method:- it is the most popular and traditional method for  headline generation, in this, you use your own creativity, skill, and knowledge along with the help of google, google auto-suggest and keyword research to find out Headline for your Blog

(B) Automated Method:-In this method you can use various tools, You will have to use just one or two keywords of your blog to automatically generate the headline, these tools are given below

  • Portent Content Idea generator
  • Co-Schedule
  • Inbound
  • Impact Blog title generator
  • SEO pressure blog title generator
  • Inbound

After Headline selection, the main part of any blog is an introduction, it is one of the very important parts of any blog as after reading this your reader will move and decide it is worth investing time in reading this blog or not


The usual place for the introduction is the first paragraph that appears just right below the blog title,

it contains a summary like Statements that provide readers to understand that the blog is written about what topics,

I have read it in blogs of many good writers and it is my personal view that it is good to write an introduction of the blog after you completed the writing of complete blog though it appears in the start of the blog,

Your writing should be like this

Headline -Main Body of Contents -Conclusion -Introduction

The most popular technique in the introduction writing is the “killing of words “, the words seem very filmy but it is very helpful in the “Introduction writing” below image is explaining this!

defining killing of words
Source- Niel Patel

These are points, I think we should keep in the introduction of a blog

  1. It must have a hook
  2. It should contain interesting facts
  3. Tell about the ends
  4. What your reader will get if anybody read it
  5. Putting a quote in the introduction is a good habit
  6. Ask some valid questions
  7. The last point Your Introduction should not be like a High School Research Paper

You can go through this video also for a better understanding of the Introduction!

After the introduction, one of the main elements is the “Main Body of any Blog”

3.Main Body of the Blog:-

It is an integral part of the blog which contains all details of the topics,

In this, each paragraph will have a topic sentence, which tells readers what your Paragraph is going to be and what you want to say about your topics,

Each sentence of the body will have supporting sentences that discuss the idea in your topics,

To provide a better understanding of topics, you can use Video, image, Picture diagrams, Statics in this section

By using these given below points you will be able to make your topics more understandable

  1. Use brainstorming
  2. Use mind map
  3. List of points
  4. Keep your blog balanced
  5. Don’t write questions in your word in order to make them more answerable

After the main body parts of the blog, the next one is Conclusion


Finally, we have reached the last of our Blog parts topics which is all about the conclusion, I am putting some bold points to figure out these

  1. Good to ask a question related to topics
  2. Include a call to action (CTA) like Subscribe, A Demo call, Like, Share, etc.
  3. Get personal with your audience and interact with them
  4. Summerise in your own words
  5. Use the Phrase like Conclusion, Sum it up, Wrap it up, Now what
  6. Provide Link to some useful resources
  7. Promote your product and services
  8. Try Cliffhanger’s trick like “There is more coming with the next post, keep reading……
  9. You can end with an inspirational note
  10. Final point, You can provide some public message also

By adding different points for the conclusion I am also wrapping up my post for today, hoping it will be useful for you,

The more in this will come in the few days, I am planning to write a seperate blog for each of the elements, starting from the selection of topics for the blog writing,

Please do provide your feedback in the comment section & let me your view about my Blog, also like and share this as appreciation and motivation for me,

Thank You for reading this, See you soon!