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A Markup language is the “TAGS” &  A computer language that helps the browser to understand what and how the content should display in the browser. 

The image is representing about the html and showing about the Markup language
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

HTML is the standard Markup language and it is a Plain test file.

A blog writer is not required to have so much knowledge about the coding language but having a basic coding language always works better.

Similar is the case with the SEO expert, having basic knowledge of markup language will help in search engine optimization.

Nowadays Web developers also working as SEO experts so,

For the HTML coding,

You can use the Text edit program or even you can use Notepad for this purpose.

 To be in the competition with them, you need to have knowledge about the markup language.

To understand the HTML language, take an example, given below,

The image is used here for describing the coding of HTML ,used here for defining about the Markup language
Screenshot for the markup(HTML) language

In the image, the whole Html is closed with “/ “symbol,

The whole content is lying inside the HTML tag whereas the title tag is sitting inside the Head tag of the HTML,

The next part of the HTML is the body parts in which the H1 tag and paragraph “p” tag is nesting.

The above example is showing that HTML markup language consist of 03 parts,Given below

  1. Head
  2. Title
  3. Body 

All the other tags of HTML come inside this.

It is the best practice to put the title in the H1 tag format.  

In a normal browser,

you can check the HTML code of any blog by right-clicking and clicking inspect,

By that way you can find the HTML code,

Just see the below image,

The image is showing that how you can inspect the HTML code and used here for define the Markup language
Screenshot for the inspecting the HTML code through the browser


Let me conclude the blog with,

The point that having knowledge of these basic HTML tags really helps in content writing as well as in search engine optimization,

Understanding your website properly will help you to understand google analytics and google search console.

Thank you!