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Spirituality having  several meanings, I will discuss all of them one by one,

If we will explain it in short and simple words then it means finding yourselves.

A lady defining the meaning of spirituality
Image by RENE RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

A quote in Sanskrit, which is from the “Bhagavad Gita” book! 

“अनेक संशयोच्‍छेदि परोक्षार्थस्‍यदर्शनम्‌ ।

    सर्वस्‍य लोचनं शास्‍त्रं नास्‍त्‍यंध एक तत्‌ ।”

 Meaning: The science (of Spirituality) is akin to the eyes which eliminate all doubts and endow direct knowledge. as result, Those who are ignorant of this science are indeed blind.

Taking from the meaning of the above quote,

Spirituality is defined as lighting  up your awareness and eliminating all your doubts by opening the inner eyes and finding himself and If someone is not reached that level of self-awareness about himself he can be treated as Blind.

There is another meaning of it,

Which is defined as a sense of connection to something higher than ourselves,

Some try to find it through the meaning of their lives,


others try to find it in meditation,

many try to find it through religious acts.

on the basis of the above discussion, we find that everyone has their own set of definitions for the meaning of spirituality depending upon their knowledge of the world view and religious belief.

A spiritual person, if he/she has these qualities:-

  • Who accepts the Spirit of God or God’s teachings.
  • A human fills with generosity.
  • A person free from jealousy.
  • A man leads a life of peace. 
  • A person free from anger, greed, lust, fear, anxiety , lust ,etc.

As we got lots of meaning of Spirituality,

Is spirituality is all about religion?

Religion and spirituality are not the same but many times they overlap with each other.

Spirituality provides a much wider picture of life than religion, The meaning of it varies across religions and belief systems.

Finally, I am concluding ,with the meaning of spirituality as absolute truth which is beyond description in words and has to be experienced.

Thank you!