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Very interesting question!

Let me first define what are Web1.0,Web2.0,Web3.0,?


It is the start of the internet web services around the world officially where communication was one-sided means it was read-only. 


If you want me to define it in short & simple words then Web2.0 is the read/write version of the internet web services which is referred to as an advanced and upgraded form of web1.0.


To understand web3.0, take the example of the current trend  Google voice search, it is operating in the Web3.0  internet web services so we already entered in it,

It is also named as intelligent web services or third-generation web services. 

So after knowing about each of them, you got the idea that we are currently operating in Web2.0 and moving fastly towards Web3.0 generation.

Just see the below image, you will be able to find the basic difference between Web1.0 & Web2.0,

Image source

Difference between web1.0 & web2.0,

  1. Web1.0 has a webmaster-created site whereas currently it user-driven site.
  2. Earlier Dial-up was used now using broadband.

  3.Web1.0 was about the business web whereas now it is all about 

        the community.

 4. Initially it was AOL now we have google 

 5. The success of Amazon as an online retailer comes in the 

        Web2.0 internet web service not in web1.0

  6.Web2.0 is user friendly but Web1.0 was not

  7. currently, everybody is an author and editor, and every edit 

       Can be tracked   

Just see the below chart, You will be able to find out what we were using in Web1.0 and what replacement we have got in Web2.0,

Web 1.0 Web 2.0
DoubleClick–>Google AdSense
Britannica Online–>Wikipedia
personal websites–>blogging
evite–> and EVDB
domain name speculation–>search engine optimization
page views–>cost per click
screen scraping–>web services
content management systems–>wikis
directories (taxonomy)–>tagging (“folksonomy”)
screenshot Web2.0&Web1.0


The concluding point is we are already in Web3.0, forget about Web1.0 & Web2.0,

The major boost for Web2.0 comes with the launch of cloud technology, which allowed companies to launch web-delivered services instead of physical media like compact discs.

Rest is the story as you know we already started google voice search which is a fine example of an intelligent web service or Web3.0.

Thank you