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Let me first explain to you about “Transition words”  & how it affects readability,

Transition words are actually interlinking between the two words, sentences, paragraphs, or phrases.

Which increase the readability of your blog and make meaningful sentences,

And, But, Because, Between, That is to say, In the same way, are the examples of the transition words.

the image describing about the word readability
screenshot for readability

Take a live example, how a transition word works,

Rahul was not eating anything for the last four days as result he fell sick.                                                                                |

                                                                                    (Transition word)

The below image also explains the transition words and their uses,

Image describing about the transition words which increase the readability of the blog.
Screenshot for the transition words & their uses image source

 Now you can ask!

Why we should learn the use of transition words?

The answer is very simple, the use of transition words makes a paragraph simple and meaningful and in other words, it increases the readability of the blog.

You can check in the readability score,

 if your blog has a good number of transition words then your readability score will be good.

 Good readability is not directly linked with SEO score but good readability will provide a good user interface as a result it will provide good traffic to your blog.

So learning the use of transition words in your blog will help you in scoring good readability,

As result, it will provide a lower bounce rate for your website.

Google analyzes this user behavior as some websites google might have ranked in SERP but due to poor user interface and higher bounce rate,

The user might be shifted to the second-best result if these trends continue for long periods of time than after analyzing poor user interface google will change the ranking.

So the concluding point is transition words are very important in content marketing though it is not directly related to SEO but it affects a lot for the SEO purpose of the blog as we discussed above.

Thank you!