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Image defining the headline of magazine s and newspaper
Photo by Natalie Dupin from Pexels

The headline is the magnet that pulls the readers towards your blog, it is like a cover page of a book or magazine & a daily newspaper.

The fate and future of our content are being decided by just a few words or a group of words.

You might have seen how attractive & decorative are the cover page of a magazine or book with some catchy and stunning sentences, it attracts readers to give a look over it.

The headline of an article is words or group of words defining the complete content in short with keywords as it should come in SERP

The traffic of your article totally depends upon the headline as we do the process of SCAN-SCAN-SCAN and click, we all do this, to understand that the content is worth of investing my time in it.

So out of 10 people who scan your article only 8 people will see the headline and might be only 2 people will click your article to see it.

The image is Explaining about the how the uses treat a blog and showing importance of "SEO optimized headline"

So when you are writing a blog or an article,

Invest your valuable time to write a good headline, it can be done by adopting these three steps,

1.Use Trigrams as your headline:- 

The trigrams are actually a group of 03(three) words, it works very effectively as a headline if used properly,

You really want to see how Trigrams can be effective as a headline, just observe the chart below,

Picture explain about headline effects of  Trigrams

Example of Trigram headline-

  1. 5 reasons why Indians are good in cricket. 
  2. This is why we love tea. 
  3. 9 ways to write a good headline. 
  4. This is the reason we are called as third world.  
  5. How to make your married life happy.

2. Numbers are used most effectively as a headline:– 

It is found in many scientific studies that Numbers work as “Brain candy”,

So whenever using numbers in your headline, it catches the brain instantly and automatically organizes information in logical order.

There are some tips for using numbers in your headline, these are given below 

  1. The odd numbers like 7,9,11,13 are more effective than even numbers like 2,4,8,14, etc.
  2. When you are using numbers like “5” then don’t use words like FIVE always use the numerical form,
  3. it works more magnetic as our brain loves the numbers. 
  4. One more interesting fact about the numbers is that small numbers like 1,3,5, etc. are more digestible to our minds than the big numbers like 19,39,29, etc.
  5. It is also important to define all the numbers in steps that you have taken in the headline as our minds like the logical orders.
  6. If you have taken the step-by-step process then don’t take more than 9 steps as the human brain typically finds it difficult to process more than 9 steps at a time.  

Example of the headline with numbers –

  1. 5 ways to learn spoken English. 
  2. How we can be healthy up to 81 years. 
  3. You can be reached in 3 steps. 
  4. 10 easiest ways to find the trending topics for your content marketing in 2021
  5. The 4 most popular search engines in the world 

 3. Ask questions in your headline:-

These tips I am using frequently and it helped me a lot, asking questions create curiosity in the human brain,

It also creates a psychological effect and causes the reader’s mind to take action in the next step,

what is the answer to the question?

Asking questions in the headline also help you in the search and SERP,

The Google algorithm is designed in such a way that it always tries to find the meaning of the search query,

so a complete question helps google to understand how an article is relevant.



Example of Headlines having questions:-

  1. Who is good a storyteller or motivational speaker?
  2. How to be a better blog writer?
  3. What is the difference between youtube and google searches?
  4. Why do we need a good sleep?
  5. IS sleeping habits effects productivity?

Concluding points of this article is that if you have to be  very alert while you are writing the headline for your blogs as it is a very important part of your blog,

So consume your time as much as you consume your time in writing the blog, doing research,

If you want to rank your blog on the Search engine result page of Google.

Thank you!