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This discussion for sleeping habits is very old you might have heard from your parents that get up early in the morning, you will have more things in memory!

The image defining about the lady sleeping which is used in this blog to define  the "Sleeping habits".
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash.

“There is a very famous quote also!



I think the early riser is overrated!

you may be telling no!

Look as far as what research and study are saying and from health journal also that there is not much relation with individual productivity and early wake-up,

It is all related to the biological gene that what time individual his more productivity,

Some people might have a better process of understanding in the afternoon time.

Now you will give examples of some “CEO” who are very successful in life, wake- up very early in the morning.

I do agree over that they are successful in their respective field, they also wake up in the morning but it was in the biological gene that he is more productive due to early Wake-up.

But there are lots of other benefits of early wake-up, I am putting some of them

1. You will not miss breakfast and will not fall into poor eating habits.

2. It is true that it helps in healthy skin development.

3. You will get some extra time for morning activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise.

4. For early wake-up you will naturally fall asleep early and it will give you better

Sleep quality.

5. It will reduce the stress of reaching your office late as it will be

Less traffic in the early hours of the morning.

Now you will argue that why I have put advantages of early riser when they are no interconnection between sleeping habits and productivity of a person,

As I told you both are equally good and give more productivity if they choose their sleeping habit according to their biological gene.

So I will put a few advantages of nightcrawlers also which differentiate between sleeping habits & success,

  1. Nightcrawlers are more intelligent than the early rises it is a proven fact as per the research.

2. The second one is the Nightcrawlers are more creative and outperform the early riser.

3. Night owls also had a habit of completing all the work on time.

4. Always there are solid arguments by the night owls that whoever is working in a traditional 9 to 5 job has more advantage in the evening time as it is free from the daytime distractions.

The last words for Sleeping habits:-

So concluding the above topics that there is no interlink

between the success with respect to early riser only,

you might find some people in your surrounding, having better cognitive in the afternoon time.

There is been a lot of research about how some people are biologically more likely to feel more alert in the morning while others are at their best at night.

So my personal view is sleeping habits have very little effect on your success if you have chosen it wisely means if your biological gene relates to nightcrawlers and you have it then you are going to give the best results and vice versa.

Thank you!