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For defining this I will go through the explanation of a video, which I have just watched, this Video is all about a Blauch lady, who belongs to a very conservative Muslim family, father decided to marry her at an early age, she said yes as she was seeing happiness in her father eyes due to this!

Later on, she met with a car accident, in that half of her body get paralyzed where other half is damaged, then the real-life story began!

The video is from the friendly learn and storyteller/motivational speaker is the  Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari

I am trying to put word by word as she said in her video, she said, I always start with the disclaimer,

Disclaimer is that she never claims to be a motivational speaker,

Yes, she does speak but it is more likely as Storyteller and share his real-life story with the audience,

I do agree with her Disclaimer, as a motivational speaker always put her words in the shouted and large note and try to put his own thinking to his audience,

Sorry to mention it here! It is my own personal observation and I am not generalizing it

In the next line, she started with explaining the “Words

“Words can make you, Break you, Heal you, or damaged you forever”

Each time I read this! the whole sentence is repeated and repeated again, and seems like it is echoing in my mind!

Some people do think before they speak but many don’t think too much before they speak!

Now again on her story,

Her marriage was not good marriage at all,

As we all know that marriages are not made in heaven but

It is a common agreement between a financial superpower or financially stable families.

Later on, while traveling with his husband,

She met with a fatal accident, her husband jumped and saved himself but she could not

As a result, half of her body is damaged, and now

She is standing only with many irons installed in many parts of his body,

So the people also called as Iron lady

Her body is so damaged that

She has to carry a urinal bag with him to whatever place she used to travel,

If you think this enough this then read this also, Her husband left him and got married to another lady

And also the final Castle in the boat,

When the doctor said that she can’t be a mother for the rest of her life,

Can you imagine the level of pain of women, Who has gone through this type of adversity,

As a woman is considered incomplete without having a child, in our so-called respected society

She once started thinking that why she is even alive when he can not walk, can not paint, and can not live the normal life

But she fought with all odds of life and look where she is today,

She has now become such a strong emotional personality that

When her ex-husband was getting married, she sent greeting and thank you & happy marriage life messages to him

When people called him disabled then she considered herself full of differently-abled!

After watching her video I do believe that a storyteller is far better than a motivational speaker,

As people start relating their own pain with the story and see the rise up and it boosts internal energy and motivates them,

As we all know that everyone goes through the bad phases of life and when someone comes to you with an open heart, Strat telling his/her struggles of life with up to down and again from down to up, you also starts relating himself with the story and try to find solutions of his own problem from their

With respect to this, it is not happening with the motivational speaker, he comes with his own set of formulas and ideas, to motivate the people, I am not questioning their abilities to motivate but their styles of motivating are very much different than a storyteller

A motivational speaker is also a storyteller but he always narrates someone else stories, he tries to build a flow of positive energy by integrating different stories with fun & facts


The concluding point of this discussion is the,

Both are good in their art of motivating people but the style of doing is different, so I will give

100 marks to each of them

If you asked my own personal view then you will see that I am a little bit biased towards the storyteller

It may be due to the I like a storyteller than a motivational speaker!

Thank you very much for giving me your valuable time!

Thank you