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                   or what did you mean by blog?

The blog is actually is the short form of  We-blog!

Let me introduce you to what is blogging all about, When you will try to search about this word on Google, you will find the answer as!

 “A regularly updated Website or Webpage, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational Style “


If I try to explain you in my own words, it is a piece of writing-related with

User interest and as well as writer, In which he tried to give the answers of queries related with that topics, it may be related with anything be it is related with earning money or investing, traveling latest fashion, career, education technology, books, hobbies, mom care, Parenting, Health and fitness, Yoga or lifestyle blog

I do agree with all this information is provided by the website of the related topic also but they are static information and do not update frequently

  In blogs, all these pieces of information are regularly updated.

The key difference between Blogs and Websites         

  1. A blog having a comment section provides user and writer to interact with each- other and provides the blogger to understand his readers’ needs and scope of improvement for his writing 

2. Blogs having the subscription Form 

3.  It can be managed by categories & Tags 

 4.Blogs is having factors that affect businesses while business is all about website 

5. Businesses are using blogs to drive customers to their websites, increase  SEO performance 

6. Interlinking is the most important feature of a blog sometimes it is also called Backlinks 

I think I have gone very deep in explaining the difference between Websites & blogs, it happens when you are in the writing process, ok now, I will try to discuss, if you want to be a blogger!

You want to be a blogger! 

 For being a blogger you don’t need any special skill or master of something you just need some basic computer skills with knowledge of WordPress Website development that you can learn from watching youtube videos

The second most important skill for bloggers having knowledge of subjects that they wish to blogs about and some basic writing skills. 

Sometimes you got confused between Blogs and Websites, I am also got confused initially but after some time I got the idea

Here I am providing some examples of Websites and Blogs!

Google, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Amazon, Flipkart all are Websites

 Addresses  related to business & services that you see in Google  are examples of websites

These are a few India top Blogs & Bloggers – By Amit Agarwal

2.Your By Shardha Sharma

3.Shout Me loud. com-By Harsh Agarwal

4. Cashoverflow. in-By Pardeep Goyal By Prabhudesai By Manish Chauhan by Deepak Kankaraju By Raju PP By Imran Uddin


Another interesting fact about blogging that I wish to discuss here is related to earning through blogging!

Are blogging can be earning option?

Blogging is not only about your writing passion but it can be a livelihood option also!

You may not become rich in a day, as blogging is a continuous process but it is a sure-shot way to make money and grow your wealth. To start blogging you can use free sites like or These free sites will help you test waters, get some free practice and showcase your talent. But these sites offer limited options when it comes to designing, developing, and promoting a blogging site. Hence once you get hands-on experience in setting up a free blog I suggest you should build a good professional website.

I will try to explain to you in a few steps how you can be a professional bloggers 

The First Step is finding your niche or Finding your Area or Get the subjects in which you having knowledge & experience:-

It is defined by what you are going to share with the world

it comes from your area of interest, Passion, Experience, it may be related to traveling, medical, Photography, food, fashion, etc

There are four basic categories also in which all the niches come under


2. Wealth


4. Art

It is my Personal observation that writing a health blog is the best blogging option professionally, if you belong to the medical arena, just go through my friend’s blog for getting an idea how it looks like!

Emotional health

The second step  towards being a professional blogger

Published your blog:-

In setting up a professional website you might have to pay a bit but the cost is nothing when you look at the benefits. It is recommended that you use to set up your own website. has themes for various topics, has powerful features like customizable designs, SEO-friendly pages, tools to manage media, and helps to build sites that can suit your desktop/laptop/ mobile phones, etc. along with good security measures. You can add galleries, analytics, forums or you just name it. supports it all. Your website is your property and so I am sure you want to make it beautiful and priceless. You will also have to select a hosting site. Now, these sites are many, and based on your budget you can select. Some of the good names are GODADDY, Blue Host, Hostinger, etc. 

The third step towards being a professional Blogger 

Promoting your blog:-

After publishing the blogs, the next step would be a blog promotion

This can be done in various ways the simplest and cheapest way with the help  of Social media either by self-promotion to your network or by paid promotion depending on your budget, this is the shortest way of popularising your blogs 

The other way is Building your community, it is a long process but once you build a community then the whole process will be easy and you will keep improving in your blog writing with regular feedback.

One more method is by the help SEO for a better idea of detailed SEO, You can follow the link of my friend blog  Seo-strategy

Backlink building, in which others blogger will provide a backlink to your Blogs 

For example, I am providing  3 -4   Backlink here, surprise for you people that you have to find out backlink in the post, this will give you a bright picture of how this works,

One of my friend who is very good in resume writing and written a very good blog about resume writing, I am giving the link of the blog so you can get benefitted in resume writing also

Resume writing


If you want to learn digital marketing then I am giving the link to my mentor Deepak Kankaraju link also

The Forth and important step towards being a professional blogger

Monetizing Your Blog:-

Wow, your blog is gaining traction. Shouldn’t you plan to monetize your blog now? Sell your space to advertisers directly. This can be difficult as you might not be able to contact advertisers directly. Instead, in the beginning, you can think of approaching ad networks. These ad networks are helpful and can provide you with some ready-made ads, although you will have to share profits with them. Selling banner advertising space can start the process of monetization for your blog. Every click on the banner can earn you some commission though it might be a small amount. While you sell your blog space for banner ads you can consider promoting affiliate brands through your website. In affiliate marketing, you promote others’ products and/or services by placing their link on your website. This ensures you earn some commission whenever the product is purchased using the link placed on your website. Today almost all e-commerce platforms have affiliate programs of some kind. You can also start writing content for the affiliate product/service you are promoting. This will ensure that people start using your affiliate links more often and if the content is good, then you might end up being paid by the affiliate company for the content too. When you are writing content for the affiliate product/service see that you give an honest opinion about the product or service. Your content should encourage buyers to buy only if they really need the product/service. Your website will gain a good reputation if your reviews are honest.

Final thought over Blogging  that as digital marketing is growing day by day and  people  fed up with the regular social media posts, TV inputs 

they look for a new source of  information, which is interesting and informative 

I am seeing a very bright future for blogging and bloggers in the coming days 

It may be any form of content like articles, videos, images, etc

This is my first article about blogging many more will follow in this series, hoping for feedback from all of my readers in the like and comment section

Thank you for reading this, if you want to get an idea of how I have created just see below!

Wait -Wait, Before I finally say Thank you to all of you,

One public message & appeal to all of you, Please -Please go and get vaccinated first, this is the only way we can help ourselves, our countrymen, country, family, and society in this pandemic situation because it is not our life is our life only but each one life is very important and also Building positive mindset is also very important for this you can go through one of my friend blog Building a positive mindset

So Please go and get vaccinated first and for getting a better idea of how vaccination is in the progress in India, you can go through one of my friends about the get- vaccinated: expectation vs reality