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Speed is very important in today’s  internet world,

Fast uploading speed is also a factor in improvements of your site’s overall performance in terms of SERP.

These are the 5 tips by using you can easily increase your website speed in WordPress.

  1. By Cleaning up the database of website
  2. Update plugins regularly & remove the unwanted plugin from website
  3. Minimize CSS,HTML &  JS files from website
  4. Enable Cahching in your website
  5. Optimize image of your website

image describing  about the website internal structure,
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

1.By cleaning up the database of website:-   

It is a very traditional method and it applies to all the devices having memory so this applies to the WordPress website also.

when we are using WordPress for different kinds of works, it is filled with unwanted data and files or unused data,

By cleaning unused data will make your website free &

These will increase your website speed.

By using WP-Sweep or Advanced Database cleaner you can do it easily.

2.Update plugin regularly and remove the unwanted plugin

 Your website speed is being affected by plugins in many ways like,

   (A). Poorly-designed plugins 

   (B). plugin with outdated software 

   (c). Surplus /duplicate plugins 

By looking above you can analyze that plugin is one of the major reasons affecting your website speed.

For finding the exact one, you can remove one by one & check the website speed,

In that way, you will be able to find the affected plugins.

The second step you can take is to remove the unwanted plugins,

This unused plugin is an extra burden on the site and this will decrease your site speed.

You should also update the plugin in regular intervals as the update will be available for the said plugin, this also helps in increasing speed.

3.Minimize CSS,HTML,Javascript(Js) files :-

CSS is called a cascading style sheet(CSS),

CSS, HTML, and Javascript(JS) files are used to add comments to your site code for example to clarify formatting or style,

These files are minimized by the free WP-Optimize plugin.

4.Enable caching in your site:-

    Sometimes people misunderstood it as simple unwanted data       


       By enabling caching on your site, your site data can be 

       Stored  locally in temporary storage spaces called caches,

       This means that browsers can load your site more easily and don’t have to redownload every time from the site.

     Use W3 total cache for catching in your website.


5.Optimize image of your website :- 

     Optimizing your image also help in the page uploading,

 Oversized images are the most common cause of slow WordPress sites,

The larger the picture files on your site, the longer your site takes to upload, in return it boosts page speed.

Good image optimization in short involves two steps,

First, make sure to edit your image before uploading it to your site,

These can be done through using the tools Pixlr, which is used to crop the image in the smallest possible size,

E.g. Jpg is usually smaller than png images.

The second step is to install an image optimization  plugin on your site, this can be done through Smush

 This plugin compresses images further after they are uploaded,

in return, it boosts page speed. 

 I think my concluding point is for the blog,

if we use the above 5 tips seriously then it will increase our website speed at a competitive level.

Thank you!