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If you are a web designer!

Your customer might have asked the first question!

Which type of Web designer do you are?

You might have given an answer like!

  • Visual designer or UI designer
  • Interaction designer 
  •  Ux designer       

Let me explain each one 

1.UI designer or Visual web designer:-   

In all the above three, it is very common to find nowadays a visual designer who is also known as UI designer or User interface designer.

The person when designing a web, look more over the user interface of the user, It is something like the seat comfort, driving comfort of a car

The main work of these designers is to develop style guides and hand them over to developers to keep design elements of the web consistent.

2.Interaction web designer:-

Its main task is to create!

  • Create an engaging interface for the users with the web.
  • Create user interface components.
  • They also create extremely thought-out user behavior.
  • It also creates consistency in design derived from UX designers by putting logical & reasonable content in the wireframe created by the UX designer.

3.UX designer:-

 A good UX designer not only understands the importance of content hierarchy but constantly thinking about what will make successful products.

Let me introduce you to different tools, these designers usually use!

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InDesign Adobe
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Omni Graffle
  • In Vision
  • Axure

The mind map also defines about the same!

image represents tools for web designer
Screenshot for Web designer tools

 Wrapping up the discussion of the topics,

A good designer just like any professional try to adopt the latest trend and best practices, Just try to look at the revolution of mobile design and see it is just around the past 15 years that the internet is accessible through our mobile and you can observe the difference from the initial design to the current one.

    Thank you!