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Image defining about the website development
Photo by Junior Teixeira from Pexels

Before we start the above discussion, let me tell me that!

Do you know our Brain is classified into two groups?

 Right brain and left brain!

The right brain usually tends to imaginary thinking and the Left brain is for the logical thinking purpose.

So from the above division, a difference between a Web Developer & Web designer derived,

People who think more linearly and logical are left-brain dominant and will enjoy & more comfortable with Web development,

While people who enjoy creativity and have creative thinking, possess artistic nature are right-brain dominant & they will be more comfortable working as a Web designer.

So above definition is making it clear that Web designers need coding skills and Web developers need Photoshop skills.

Now I am making it clear & simple for you by taking an example of building construction, through which you can differentiate between a Website designer and a Website developer.

Consider the construction of a building, a Civil engineer is responsible for all technical aspects of the building like length, height, deep, floor management, the material combination from the base building to roof,

Whereas an interior designer is responsible for the looks of building and comfort position in the room means all decorative within the building & room and outside the building is being done by him.

The civil engineer is handling the technical aspect of the building is considered a Web developer,

The interior designer who handles the looks & comfort is considered as a Web site designer. 

One more way to find out the difference between the two!

   Look closely  the both the words 

              Website ———–developer! 

               Website——– designer!

So, a web designer is a graphic artist who is responsible for designing 

Layout, usability, and visual appearance  of a website,  

A successful web designer must have an array of creativity, graphic and technical skills.

Whereas a web developer is someone who builds and maintains the core structure of a website by using coding languages such as HTML, Javascript, PHP, and python. 

The concluding point is that if you are technically sound and well versed with the coding language and left brain oriented thinker then Web development is waiting for you,

Otherwise, if you are artistic in nature and you are a right-brain-oriented thinker then Web designing is waiting for you.

Thank you!