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Every digital marketer should know the word SEO and its importance as all the digital marketing happening can not be completed without generating traffic.

In simple words SEO means,

“Search engine optimization”

It is a set of practices designed to improve the appearance and positioning of the web pages in organic search results.

SERP gives two types of results in their page 01 or in ranking on page 01,

One by Paid search results,

The second one is by organic results which are done by SEO.

The below image is showing both results of SERP,

Image is the search result page for best mobile phone in India ,It is  difference between Paid search & SEO

To understand the SEO in a better way,

Take the example that you are a mobile phone seller and you have made a website to sell online your mobile as well as offline also,

Suppose I am the buyer and want to purchase a mobile phone, I don’t have any idea which mobile I have to buy,

I will search on google like others are doing, Within a seconds,

I will get around About 4,55,00,00,000 results (1.22 seconds )

For the search keyword “Best mobile phone in India”

Now if you have optimized your website for SEO then your website will rank in the SERP

otherwise, it will be difficult for me to reach up to your website and see your mobile phone.

SEO is all about helping search engines to understand and present your content to the user.

It is defined as a small modification of your website in terms of ranking in SERP.

One interesting thing you may have noticed is that when I am telling search results than always referring to the Google search,

As most of our traffic around 70% is coming from google only,

Just see the below image from

Wrapping up the SEO discussion ,

With the point that if you have opened a shop then it is very important how you display the products for sale, as your sale depends on that,

Similarly, if you have a Website then it is very important that you should use the tools and techniques for SEO and let the user find it on the ranking page of SERP,

As your products selling will increase only when people will see it whether it is a website or in Shop.

Thank you!

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