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White hat SEO & Black hat SEO defined as Bad boy and Good Boy of a movie,

White hat SEO is the hero of the movie who uses ethical practices for ranking on the google search result page and rewarded with the rank,

Whereas Black hat is the villain of a Bollywood movie who uses unethical practice to rank on the google search result page and is punished with a ban.

Image representing White hat & black hat SEO

Now the question is raised!

What are the ethical & Unethical practices in SEO?

Once you understand what is a traditional regular practice in SEO then you will be able to differentiate between ethical & unethical practices. 

1.Ethical practices or White hat SEO :-

The SEO practices that follow the Google guidelines for ranking in  search page are described as Ethical practices or white hat SEO,


(A). Indexing

(B). Crawling -it is a reading of your sitemaps by google.

(C ). Crawler- An automated software that crawls pages from the web  

        & index them.

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  4. Keyword research
  5. Headline optimization 

These are examples of ethical practices of SEO.

2.Unethical practices or Black hat SEO practices:-

As every movie has a negative character similar to that in SEO, who violate the google guidelines for quick results and use unethical practices,


  1. It relies on manipulative tricks
  2. It focuses on quick wins
  3. Duplicate content
  4. Invisible text and stuffed keywords
  5. Links from the sites with non-relevant content 


The final word is that you really wish to do good in the field of digital marketing and look for the long run business then always use the ethical practices,

But, if it is very difficult to maintain it due to customer pressure and they want quick results then you can try for the middle path that is the Grey hat SEO but don’t use it regularly and make it a Habit.

Thank you