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It is a valid question, as we are living in a generation where everything is moving from the offline market to the online market day by day as result

Online presence is the need of the generation for the businesses.

But having an online presence is not sufficient as a lot of competition is there to rank on page 01 of the google search engine.

So in the simple word  you need a valid, reliable, credible, and powerful, ranking online presence,

That can be done through SEO only!

Image defining the SEO
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This can be done in two ways in Digital marketing,

1.By Paid traffic (PPC)

2.By SEO 

1.By Paid traffic (PPC):-

If it can be through the paid traffic (PPC),

why not choose this,

just pay for the ranking and get the ranking in SERP,

I have an answer for this,

2.By SEO 

Look whenever we see on any advertisement on any platform TV, Radio, Mobile, Hoarding & newspaper,

We just received the information about What they are offering to us we do not make purchase decisions just by seeing the advertisement

But For losing our wallet for any products or services, first, we do a small research for that,

We search for a reliable source of information, who can give natural feedback for this or provide the user experience and

We collect information through the internet.

Google searches are one of the most reliable places for all types of research, so if you rank organically in the SERP, you are reliable & trustworthy.

So we need SEO!

  • For branding of our website 
  • To build credibility 
  • Build trust 
  • Increase the local visibility for physical business
  • We can target funnel stage of the customer as discussed above

AS ranking through the SEO is a long time process and it takes lots of effort and requires lots of skill, expertise, experience,

Due to this businesses invest in SEO, keeping in mind the future prospects and confidence-building among the customers.

But those who want quick results for there and have some timebound offering for the customers as recently Flipkart & Amazon have started their Mega sale for limited periods, they can go for PPC

By we need PPC!

  • You will get aquick results 
  • You can target your audience 
  • Always showing above the organic search results in SERP
  • It is more beneficiary to the Businesses who give time bound offer to the customers like Amazon & Flipkart
  • It will create a Strong brand visibility for time period


Seo is important for all businesses if they want to be alive in the search engine and I agree that you can do it through the PPC but it will not be stable, trustworthy, reliable, and will exist for limited periods of time.

So if you want your products and services to be seen on mobile or every internet available device before they made a purchase decision, 

You should opt for SEO as people rely more on organic search results than anything else.

Thank you!